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Robert Barab does Fine Art Photography and his work is clearly worthy of that description. He travels the world and the photographic images that convey his experience are breathtakingly vivid, beautifully composed and painterly. His lens is his brush and he finds the most ravishing color in his subjects, be they Balinese boats, Indian spices, the pentimento of walls, doors and windows in an Italian village or Burmese women at work. He can photograph flowers against a background of blue that recall and reinvent Mondrian's painting. Visit his website at and see for yourself!

Gary San Pietro is another photographer well worth your attention. Like Robert Barab, he travels far and wide in search of that special image he can share with us, an image that speaks to heart and mind. His large-scale photographs of flowers stay with us as if imprinted, long after we leave the exhibition. Gary's work can be found at

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