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Chelsea Piers
Massage Therapy

Chelsea Piers

Chelsea Piers Field House is the place to go if you can't live without your favorite sports while visiting the Big Apple. Basketball, roller and ice skating, mountain climbing, batting cages, golf driving range, gymnastics- you name it, it's there.For you and your kids. Fee per activity. It's a scene!
Call 212-336-6500.

Chelsea Piers Sports Center is a membership club, but you can use it for the day for $26. Basketball court, weight, swimming, mountain climbing.

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Massage Therapy

For the stressed out traveler, a therapeutic massage in your hotel room at day's end- or before an important business dinner can be a boon to your physical and mental health. Therapeutic massage is often recommended as a method of reducing the effects of jet lag. We mean "therapeutic" massage, not the other kind. We'll be listing the best in each city. For starters, here's a list of several of New York's highly regarded, gifted massage therapists who visit clients in their homes or hotels rooms,speak several languages and come highly recommended are:

Martha Lipton - (212-662-9292) Swedish massage - Speaks Italian
Kim Heinlein - (212-586-5820) Shiatsu/Swedish, works on swimmers, speaks French
Joel Wolfe - (718-625-4181) Swedish/Sports, works on dancers/athletes
Christine Mielenhausen - (718-369-0642), Swedish/medical, speaks German
Rene Santomauro - (212-315-2776) Swedish, speaks Italian

If you're suffering from muscle aches and pains from the stress of travel or business meetings and you have benefitted from Shiatsu or Reflexology before, in Paris call Marie-Helene Reynaud at (01) 48-92-93-78. She's a top professional and knows her business. She also visits New York periodically and you can reach her at (212) 715-6889. She'll visit you in your home or hotel by appointment.

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