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Fine Art and Craft:
Painting and Sculpture
Craft Clothing and Accessories

Fine Art and Craft

A wonderful place to shop for yourself, friends and family is at the Arts and Craft shows that can be found on weekends in cities and towns across America. Not every talented and in some cases extraordinary individual is represented in art and photography galleries, craft shops featuring ceramics, jewelry or glass or for that matter specialty stores featuring hand made clothing or fashion accessories for adults, children and infants. But if you can't get to those shows, or galleries, we'll do some of the legwork for you, finding and recommending work of outstanding quality available for you to examine and consider on the website of exceptional artists and artisans.

Our categories will include Photography, Painting and Sculpture, Craft Clothing and Accessories and Jewelry. We'll be updating frequently and if you discover a highly talented artist or craftsperson's website, e-mail us and we'll check it out.

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