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Belgian Comic Strip Museum - in the country where Tintin was created, in an Art Nouveau building by Victor Horta, for kids of all ages. Rue des Sables 20. Tues-Sun. 10-6.

Musee d'Art Ancien - if for nothing other than the magnificent collection of works by Peter Bruegel the Elder, this is a must see. The Bruegels include the famous Fall of Icarus. Also works by Memling, Roger Van der Weyden, van Dyck, Rubens. Rue de la Regence 3, Tues.-Sun. 10AM-noon and 1-5.

Musee d'Art Moderne can be reached from the above Museum, this modern art museum, most interesting, burrows down 8 floors. The Ensors and Magrittes are terrific, and the museum itself quite interesting to wander. Same hours as Musee D'Art Ancien. Place Royal 1, if you enter from the street.

Musee Horta - Victor Horta, so-called creator of Art Nouveau lived and worked in this house. Beautiful interiors, lamps, skylights as well as architectural details. Rue Americaiane 25. Tues-Sun. 2-5:30.

Rene Magritte Museum - the great surrealist painter is represented in this brand new museum in the house in which he lived (on the ground floor). 135 Rue Essegham, Tel: 2-428-8685. Check for hours with hotel concierge.

David and Alice van Buuren Museum - built in 1928 and lovingly furnished by the owners in Art Deco, beautiful gardens in season and an interesting and highly person painting collection, well worth the visit. Leo Errera Avenue, 41. Tel: 2-343-48-51. Sun. 1-5:15, Mon. 2-5:15.

Autoworld - here you will find one of the finest collections of vintage autos in the world, nearly 500 of them! Parc du Cinquantenaire 11, Daily 10-5. Musee Royale d'Afrique Centrale - for those interested in African art, a fabulous collection as a result of Belgium's colonial past. Leuvensesteenweg 13, Tues.-Sun. 10-4:30. Open an hour earlier (closes an hour later mid-Mar to mid-October).

Atomium - in 1958, Brussels hosted the World's Fair. This is a landmark, with an elevator which takes you to the top and panoramic views of the city.

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