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Recommended Reading:
Thin Tastes Better by Dr. Stephen Gullo.
Chocolate by Nick Malgieri.
Wine and War by Don and Petie Kladstrup.
I Had Arthritis by Sandi Butchkiss.

Thin Tastes Better by Dr. Stephen Gullo.

Dr. Stephen Gullo is rightfully described as one of the most sought-after diet doctors in the world. His outstanding book, Thin Tastes Better, is now out in paper back, a Dell Book. The book is more than a ground breaking approach to dieting - it is a behavioral modification approach to healthy living! Read it and you will recognize that Dr. Gullo's Food Control Training has application not only in weight loss, but potentially in other aspects of your life. Successfully following his approach can, in our opinion, lead to increased self-esteem, not just because you are "thinner," but because you feel more in control of yourself. It sparkles with sympathetic and witty insight into human psychology as well as very useful, up-to-date information about nutrition. His aphorisms include such lines as: "What's in your fingers today, is on your hips tomorrow.".."You've come too far in life to take orders from a cookie."

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Chocolate by Nick Malgieri

If you are a chocolate devotee, have a look at Chocolate by Nick Malgieri. Author of How to Bake, a most valuable addition to your cooking library, Chocolate has 380 recipes, rooted in Italian style cooking with chocolate.

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Wine and War by Don and Petie Kladstrup

If you are a wine buff or history buff (or both), pick up a copy of Wine and War (The French, the Nazis & the battle for France's Greatest Treasure), written by Don and Petie Kladstrup, Broadway Books, 2001. These American journalists, living in France, have written a gripping account and cultural history of France during the Second World War, under the German occupation. They use interviews, documents and the personal recollections of the great winemakers of Bordeaux, Burgundy and Alsace and their children, to reveal the underground war fought for the preservation of the wines of France. We found it an irresistible read.

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I Had Arthritis by Sandi Butchkiss

Sandi Butchkiss' book offers encouragement, motivation and hope to the arthritis sufferer. Based on her own experience with mid-life onset arthritis and a never say quit philosophy when it comes to helping yourself, the reader will be privy to the author's complete formula - combining stretching exercizes, alternative remedies and non-prescription aids now readily available everywhere -.back to pain-free health. When doctors and other "experts" let her down she took her afflicted knees into her own hands, with gratifying results The major point of the book is not so much the offering of a specific regime to follow, but informing the reader (who may either have arthritis now or sometime in the future) to search for their particular solution by trial and error and not give up. Ms Butchkiss tells her story in the mode of a fiction writer, making for a fascinating read, which is made even more so when you realize it is all true.

Born and bred in New York, the author has lived and worked in Hong Kong for the past 20 years, where she has a career as a food, wine and travel writer with dozens of weekly and monthly newspaper and magazine columns, two wine books and a number of food related books to her credit. She self-published "I Had Arthritis" when she frustratingly found nothing of its kind available and as a service to fellow sufferers everywhere.

To obtain a copy of "I Had Arthritis" in New York, please visit Willner's at 100 Park Avenue. Or contact the author direct at The book sells for $10.

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