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"A farmer carrying his sack of olives, through an ancient olive grove, draped with nets. Caprilia, Pietrasanta"
Photo credit: Janice Mehlman.
TIPS is a unique Internet report. It aims to provide the business and leisure traveler with concise, up-to-date tips relevant to domestic and international travel. Its contributors are health professionals and food and travel experts who share a passion for travel, fitness, wining and dining. TIPS correspondents in the US, Europe and Asia will tell you how to get where you're going with the greatest comfort at the best prices, where to stay when you get there for tops in health clubs and exercise facilities, where to dine gourmet and what to sample if you want an outstanding meal but are watching your waist, your cholesterol or have special dietary requests. You'll be able to stay up-to-date on nutrition, vitamins, diet fads and sensible diets. You'll find valuable tips on cyberclubs, discount shopping, cultural and sports events- and more. We'll talk "toque" with master chefs throughout the world and get their recipes for healthy gourmet dining which you can try at home if you love to cook.

Please do not drink and drive.

Happy travels, delicious wining and dining - and by all means, keep fit!